This directorate is responsible for coordinating the implementation of government policies, programs, and projects. They ensure alignment among various stakeholders, facilitate collaboration, and drive effective implementation strategies.

The Monitoring and Evaluation directorate plays a crucial role in assessing the progress, impact, and effectiveness of government initiatives. They employ rigorous data collection and analysis techniques to provide evidence-based insights for decision-making and continuous improvement.

This directorate focuses on building capacities for disaster prevention, preparedness, and response. They work to safeguard lives and minimize the impact of disasters. Additionally, they provide support and assistance to refugees, ensuring their safety and promoting their integration into society.

This directorate oversees the implementation of special government policies and programs tailored to specific regions. They address region-specific challenges, foster development, and ensure equitable growth in Northern Uganda, Karamoja, Luwero-Rwenzori, Bunyoro, and Teso Sub-regions.

The Directorate for Administration and Finance ensures efficient internal operations, including administration, resource allocation, and financial management. They uphold transparency, accountability, and prudent financial practices to support the effective implementation of projects and programs.